Collection Of The Best And Most Reliable Apps For Live Streaming Videos From Your Mobile Phone

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Downloading and watching videos direct from your phone can be quite an enjoyable experience, especially during one of those days when you have nothing but time on your hands and you just want to lie down on your bed, relax and be entertained.

In order for you to download and watch videos uninterrupted from your phone, it is important to use video applications which allow you to download and stream videos live. These apps ensure clarity in terms of audio and video because the last thing you want when you are watching is video is poor/low quality sound and distorted picture. To avoid this, the following is a collection of the best apps for live streaming videos from your mobile phone:

YouTube mobile app

This mobile video application makes it extremely easy to upload, live stream videos and manage your YouTube account, all while using your mobile phone.

Netflix mobile app

Specifically available to iPhone users, this mobile app gives account holders unrestricted access to the ever expanding Netflix video collection. With a wide array of videos to choose from, your weekends will soon be spent indoors, under covers enjoying high quality video entertainment.

Hulu Plus mobile video app

For a monthly premium rate of 8$, this video application gives you unlimited access to premium reality television shows, music videos and movies all watchable from your iPad or iPhone. By giving you access to all the latest music videos, movies and reality TV shows, this app lets you keep track of all your favorite musicians and movie stars. What’s more, it does not filter anything and as such, commercials come with the package giving you the chance to stay update on the latest quality products advertised in between videos.

Vevo app

For the lovers of music, this app is for you. It contains only music videos of all genres, making it extremely convenient since you don’t have to sort through the various videos out there on the internet. While other apps contain a mixture of videos (movies, music, and reality) this one lets you live stream music videos using your mobile phone, saving you valuable time.

Smart Players simplify mobile video delivery

Smart Players simplify mobile video delivery


This app is meant for those looking for professional rather than amateur videos. The videos being professionally recorded are of high quality, further adding to your enjoyment. Your mobile phone must however have a Wi-Fi internet connection in order for you to access the videos.


For the lovers of socializing and networking, this this video recording and live streaming application is a must have. It comes in free as well as premium versions depending on your interests and needs. Besides live streaming videos, you can interact with fellow video enthusiasts on the various social networks.

Upstream mobile app

Offering three very exciting versions, this app lets you stream live video directly from your phone using the Broadcaster video app. The Viewer application on the other hand allows you to watch upstream video feeds whereas the third version, the Recorder app; lets you record and upload high quality videos.


This spectacular application lets you edit videos to your liking! It allows you to add titles and templates to the videos as well as trim videos and sequence clips! You can then upload the edited version directly to YouTube.

Video Cloud Experience for iOS

Video Cloud Experience for iOS

When searching for the best apps for live streaming videos from your mobile phone, look for apps that make it easier for you to record, share, find and watch video through your cell phone. This should not be too hard since most of these apps are absolutely free!

How To Deal With An Emotional Break-Up

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Everyone in this dilated universe looks for eternal happiness. The path to it is extremely patchy and undulated. However, it is not impossible to reach that point in life. Impossible – a complex word that is capable of giving jitters to even the most confident human beings on this planet. One day you meet a person who suddenly becomes your soul mate owing to certain complicated, yet heart warming reasons. You get mingled up with them in such a way that even the clothes you wear for a party starts to match, the choices or decisions you make begin to complement each other, their favorite non-veg cuisine becomes your most preferred dish even if you are a vegetarian, and likewise, there are countless events that transform your life to a great extent. You start to believe the motive of finding eternal love has come to an end. But, one sad day, they retreat from your life, which was impossible to contemplate. The total number of ‘impossibilities’ that you had presumed start to leave an excruciating image on your mind. You not only find it hard to believe but you also forget to lead a happy life.

A Break-up with your most significant other half turns around your life in the most tragic manner possible. However, it is never ‘impossible’ to forget the distressing times behind. The same word which once misled you will now assist you to return to your original self. There are several scientific ways to get over an emotional breakup, but the best ones lie deep within you. Below is a list of few activities that you should try to inculcate in your behavior and personality.

After a separation, stay connected as “friends” with ex-partner block the process of emotional healing and personal growth.

After a separation, stay connected as “friends” with ex-partner block the process of emotional healing and personal growth.

a.) It is quite fathomable that overcoming an emotional phase is not an easy task, but you have to believe that it is a part of life. Accept the truth and start the process of moving on to a different phase in life. Believe that whatever happens in life, it happens for a reason. They must have left you for a brighter tomorrow. There must be something inconceivable waiting for you at the other corner of town. Overpower the depressing thoughts. Start to meditate for outstanding results in a matter of days. Spend time in spiritual activities to soothe your dejected soul. And then, move ahead in life with confidence. There are better things waiting for you.

b.) Spend time with your family and friends. Don’t keep emotional stuff tied in your heart. Let it flow out from whichever way it tries to, say eyes. You will surely feel relieved once the burdensome emotions start to flow out from your eyes.

Most men have run into women who've been hurt by men in the past and carry psychological damage and unresolved anger into their new relationships

Most men have run into women who’ve been hurt by men in the past and carry psychological damage and unresolved anger into their new relationships

c.) Enjoy everything that comes your way. Don’t try to alter your interests. Be what you are. Play video games, go out skiing or any other sport that you may like, visit a place that you have never seen, indulge with family and friends, watch a movie every weekend, go clubbing, hit on girls, or read books. The main motive behind all this is to forget about the bad times and live in the moment. Good things come to those who ‘try’.

5 Good Tips On How To Cope With A Difficult Boss

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Everyone needs a job in order to earn some income to live a decent life. However in many times a job can be a nightmare when dealing with a difficult boss. This could make you to resign even before getting your first salary. However there are five major tips on how to deal with a difficult boss as long as he/she does not attack you directly and on personal grounds. By implementing these tips you can keep your job and do what is expected of you comfortably.

Tips on how to deal with a difficult boss

  • Avoid taking your work differences with your boss personally- it becomes difficult to relate well with your boss if you keep taking your work differences personally. As long as you are doing what is expected of you at the workplace and you know that your boss is difficult, there is no need to be irritated as long as he/she does not affect how you do your work. Avoid personal confrontations with your boss and contain your emotions when your boss is around. It is advisable to take a break may be to a coffee shop or bathroom in order to sober up your mind.

  • Avoid carrying with you workplace experiences at home- carrying with you your job experiences at home makes you keep thinking about the bad experiences with your boss. Leaving your work issues at the office will enable you to enjoy the good life at home and relieve the day work tension. This will help you to avoid piling up your issues with your boss. It is advisable to look for someone willing to listen to your work challenges and share on how to cope with the situation. This way you will never keep bad feelings about your difficult boss and every day at work place will be a new day to you with no bad experiences of yesterday.

    Find more ways Deal With A Difficult Boss

    Find more ways Deal With A Difficult Boss

  • Always maintain healthy workplace boundaries with your boss- this does not mean that you should avoid interacting with your boss simply because he/she is difficult to deal with. It is not possible to avoid your boss. What is necessary is to void sharing too much with your difficult boss to avoid provoking him or her into annoying you especially in matters not related to work.

  • Avoid talking about personal issues at workplace- talking about your personal issues will give your boss a chance to talk about issues not related to work and this will eventually hurt you. Keeping things impersonal at work place also helps you to contain your emotions especially when talking to your boss.

Work Hard: This one is simple. Continue to work hard and be on time

Work Hard: This one is simple. Continue to work hard and be on time

Try to always talk and do things that make your difficult boss feel good- sometimes bosses become difficult if they feel threatened by their staff or when they fail to deliver. By making your boss look good you can help him/her understand that you are not a threat to his or her position and you have nothing bad towards him or her. This can help in improving your relationship with your difficult boss. It may even help your boss to change to a good boss.

Top 3 Tips to Increase Your Running Speed

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Looking for the top 3 tips to increase your running speed? Then you can rest assured that you are reading the right article. Whether you have done a couple of half marathons or are just starting out running, it is possible to increase your running speeds. Following are a couple of rules that you can fall back on to beat your personal best:

1. Start Out Slowly

The ironic thing is that to run faster you will need to start out slowly. In both racing and training, taking your time to build up towards your goal is the secret. As you train, ensure you spend time building your strength and aerobic fitness before you race ahead to your speed work.

During races, include warm up exercises to activate your muscle power and build into top racing speed gradually. The games you will make from easing into racing and training will help you to avoid injury and ensure that your performance progresses at rates which your body will be able to handle. In the long run, you will be able to reach higher fitness peaks.

2. Focus on Form

The time spent in investing in focusing on form should pay off in terms of extra speed. Achieving the proper running form is both economical and efficient. If you watch videos of the best runners, you will notice that they waste very little energy. They also use each moment to push themselves forward.

You can improve starting ability by practicing starts running

You can improve starting ability by practicing starts running

In similar stride, you should aim at relaxing your arm carry and pushing off stronger. Go for faster cadence to maximize your running form. You should also identify every weakness within your form before addressing these weaknesses with strength exercises and drills at least once every week.

3. Use Plans and Learn to Disconnect

Where possible, get a coach, training program or reputable book to help you out. Whereas many athletes are ready to work out, often these workouts are improperly times or inconsistent. This results into slow and inconsistent outcomes during race days.

You should avoid working too fast or too hard too soon. In fitness and in training, remember that timing is everything. Having a concrete plan will ensure you reach your racing goals. Of course, this should be complemented by the right training balance to ensure you arrive at the races rested and fit enough to peak.

It is also important to learn how to disconnect from technology (heart rate, pace and measured courses). This will help you connect with the feelings you get as you run. It will also teach you how to read various body cues with regards to running hard, moderate and slow.

Run More Efficiently:Use less energy to go faster with these tips to improve your efficiency

Run More Efficiently:Use less energy to go faster with these tips to improve your efficiency

Focus more on the sound made by your feet, your breathing and the conversations that take place in your head. Once you learn to manage and understand these intensities will improve on your abilities to race up and pace yourself to your full potential.

Finally, ensure you redefine your comfort. Making your personal best requires some discomfort. This means you should get a bit uncomfortable once in a while. For instance, use speed work, fartlek runs, hill work or run in groups. With the proper challenge, you will improve your strength and fitness to achieve your overall running goals.

Cashing in on the Market: How to Take Advantage of Foreclosed Homes

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Despite signs of recovery, there is still a huge foreclosure market in the United States. Homeowners are still struggling to keep up with their payments. Industry studies still show that there are hundreds of thousands of homes that are facing foreclosure in the country alone. Distressed homes are put into the market either through a foreclosure auction or a real-estate-owned (REO) property sale. There are a lot of opportunities in these properties. People can cash in on these opportunities if they know how to choose the right properties.

To Bid or To Negotiate

There is a difference between acquiring a home through a foreclosure auction and through an REO property sale. Those interested in a foreclosed property offered in an auction will have to go against each other to give the best bid price. In a REO property sale, the process of negotiating for the price is similar to the normal process of acquiring real property. Since the buyer or his agent can inspect the home and negotiate the final price with the lender-owner, home buyers have better control of the purchase process with a REO property sale.

Homes Bought on Discount

While both sale processes offer a significant slash-back on the final property price, there is often a trade off that home buyers will have to deal with. Home buyers can expect to pay about 20% to 40% less than the average price of non-distress homes for these foreclosed properties. But since these properties are distressed, the home buyer could end up with a property that costs a lot of money to repair or restore.

Aside from the discounted property prices, home buyers should also take into account several other factors when buying foreclosed homes. The right way to buy foreclosed homes is to consider both the home buyer’s intention for the property and the conditions in the market where the property is located.

Take Advantage of Purchasing a Foreclosed Property

Take Advantage of Purchasing a Foreclosed Property

A Home for the Family

For home buyers who are simply looking for a more affordable way to have their own home, the considerations are limited to their family’s own preferences. There is no need to consider the property’s value appreciation potential unless the home buyer intends to sell the property several years down the road. Perhaps more important than property value considerations are the repair costs that the home buyer will have to shoulder when he finally acquires the foreclosed property.

Investing in Real Property

Those with a little more disposable income to spare can think about investing in real estate property. Foreclosures are great ways to increase the potential spreads since acquisition values are significantly lower than market rates. With a good piece of property, investors can turn their property into rentals that can yield a significant amount of income to rival other short term investment opportunities.

Investment in real estate plays a dominant role to the NRIs due to its rate of appreciation and the periodical returns on the investment.

Investment in real estate plays a dominant role to the NRIs due to its rate of appreciation and the periodical returns on the investment.

Opportunities for Everyone

The real estate market holds a lot of opportunities for small and big investors alike. Smaller investors will have to do their prep work in terms of securing financing options and inspecting the properties they are interested in. They can likewise seek assistance from local agents and property brokers. Although there are some concerns about the possibility of bigger investors hogging the foreclosure market, there are enough opportunities in the foreclosure market for everyone to gain from.